Solar development is a capital and credit intensive business.  Our primary mandate is designed to provide equity, credit support, and debt to assist your projects through the capital/credit intensive high-risk phases of development and construction.  We also understand that all development is local, and we look to work with you as a developer partner to add our capital, our relationships, and our expertise to ensure your development success.  Upon completion, we will serve as a clearinghouse to match up your project with a growing class of asset owners to promote liquidity.

Joint Development: As a development and financial partner, we will provide the host of services, including comprehensive site analysis, assessments of environmental and permitting risks, economic modeling, assistance with technology selection, EPC, PPA, and lease negotiations, and if required will provide permanent financing solutions, including syndicating tax equity and debt.

Acquisition:  As an acquisitions platform, we will assess, value, and acquire projects from developers that are looking for a strategic exit.   We are active in the broader North American market, and elsewhere, and have a robust capital commitment for projects that are in the early to latter stages of development.

Restructuring:  As an multi-faceted investment vehicle, we have the capability to work out or fix distressed assets in any stage of development.  We work with developers to place constructed assets with us or to asset owners/operators, or will hold and operate them in CleanPath’s own portfolios.