We provide low risk, investment grade, solar and renewable energy assets at scale.

CleanPath delivers to long-term owners at-scale solar power plants with required market yields and recurring cash flows.  Our experienced team develops and finances projects with financial structures that match appropriate risk and return requirements of long-term owners.

As owners of renewable energy generation assets, we know what works and where the risks can be down the road. 

We have a proven approach to reduce the risks of long-term asset management that includes:

  • Stringent technology review at early stages to approve systems components and design;
  • Active analysis of proposed project energy production and performance;
  • Thorough assessment of long-term operations and maintenance costs;
  • Appropriate reserves built into each project

Our projects are built and delivered to:

  • Proven, bankable, tier one technologies;
  • Top Tier Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) providers;
  • Full real estate diligence and assignments;
  • Best in class Reps and Warrants;
  • Financeable PPAs;
  • Investment-grade Power and Environmental Attribute Off-takers.